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About Us

We are a group of people passionate about alternative modes of transportation, especially Electric Scooters.

With overcrowding, ever increasing gas prices, maintenance costs, and insurance, the whole concept of transportation needs to be looked at in a whole new light.

Going "ROGUE" about the whole definition of transportation needed to happen.

The average driver drives on average 29.2 miles per day, according to Triple A (AAA).
More than 75% of car trips are less than 15 miles according to NHTS.
50% of all car trips are less than 3 miles!

More than 75% of car trips are less than 15 miles

All of the scooters we carry easily surpass the 15 mile range needed to get to your destination.

It was time to start thinking different and go "ROGUE" on how we get around.

With most scooters exceeding well over 25 miles in range, it was time to introduce the world to something different.